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Araz Pardazesh Kia company with the brand name of Admin Web has an official license from the Companies Registration Office under the registration number 13348. We provide the best services with the slogan of everything you need to be the best on the Internet. Admin Web is an expert in designing corporate, store, medical, news, sports, etc. websites with modern programming languages. Also, logo design, sales and marketing consulting are other main services of the team.

Admin Web goals

  • Araz Pardazesh Kia Company supports Iranian businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • The development of Iranian businesses in the Internet space is one of the main goals of the company and it is trying to take a big step towards the development of Iran.
  • Also, one of the other goals of this company is to expand the local businesses of Zanjan Province in the country.
  • Education in various scientific fields is one of the main programs of this company in order to develop science and knowledge among all sections of the society.

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    Our powerful team


    Hamidreza Abbasi

  • CEO of Araz Pardazesh Kia Company
  • Back-end and front-end
  • Programming in php, java and...
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    Amirreza Abbasi

  • Member of the Board of Directors of Araz Pardazesh Kia Company
  • Graphic Designer
  • Designing and editing by After Effects graphic software and...